The Organic Color bar represents a passion and skill in the art of hair in alignment with the dedication to holistic, natural, and sustainable way of living. Our environment safe from chemicals for both clients and artists. Our mission is to bring people access to natural and sustainable products, while also providing them with service and style they can’t find anywhere else. As healthy hair is an essential part of our mission, every product we use is plant based, organic, fair-trade, and most are vegan. Everything is sourced directly to ensure its active natural ingredients are at their peek- something like Farm to Chair. Additionally, we offer an ever-growing range of Hair-Wellness programs including our Organic hair color, Non-toxic keratin, Hair rebuilding treatments, and scalp facials.


If you believe that our wonderful planet deserves to be saved and respected and you choose to reduce your impact by making responsible purchases – If you want to detoxify yourself from chemical agents full of aggressive, toxic substances by choosing products rich in organic, biodynamic ingredients – If you want to be seduced by sublime blends of essential oils, phytoproteins and nourishing butters – If you prefer glass, precious, pure, infinitely reusable and recyclable over polluting, disposable plastic – If you are looking for a brand with a human face that purchases over fair trade networks and develops eco-sustainable projects – If what you’re looking for is quality, consistency, transparency and enthusiasm – WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF ORGANIC WAY SUSTAINABLE LUXURY.